September 2016: I stopped iOS development and removed all apps from the App Store.

Version 3.1.2

Submitted: November 24, 2015 → App Store: December 2, 2015
  • Templates: [AGE] handling to insert the age fixed when the year of the event is not set.
  • Rewrote the Widget code
  • Fixed a crash when you opened the App from the Widget

Version 3.1.1

Submitted: November 12, 2015 → App Store: November 18, 2015
  • WhatsApp: Your birthday greeting was cut off under circumstances. Thanks Laurenz for letting me know!

Version 3.1

Submitted: November 2, 2015 → App Store: November 10, 2015
  • iOS 9 compatibility
  • The minimum requirement is now also iOS 9.0
  • The Address Book framework HappyDayz! used since 2008 has been deprecated with iOS 9. I have rewritten those parts to use the new iOS 9 Contacts framework
  • Added support for larger iPhones
  • Added Today Widget for the Notification Center
  • Added Split View support for iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro
  • There can be a problem while opening WhatsApp. It seems that they did not switch to the new Contacts framework yet. The old and new frameworks use different kind of IDs for the same contacts. HappyDayz! tries to find and use the old ID, but this is not always 100% possible :-(

Version 3.0.3

Submitted: July 17, 2014 → App Store: July 19, 2014
  • Middle name handling improved

Version 3.0.2

Submitted: July 2, 2014 → App Store: July 10, 2014
  • iPad: Rotation problem fixed
  • Age in months/weeks/days computation error fixed
  • Possible crash fixed

Version 3.0.1

Submitted: February 12, 2014 → App Store: February 17, 2014
  • Dates off by 1 day problem fixed
  • The contact addresses are back

Version 3.0

Submitted: January 14, 2014 → App Store: January 18, 2014
  • Redesigned for iOS 7
  • New app icon
  • Support for devices with 64-bit processor
  • If WhatsApp app is installed, you can use it to send your birthday wishes (+ usage of the templates)
  • Multiple email/SMS templates can be added and used
  • You can use the age in the templates (tag name is [AGE])
  • While editing templates you can insert the available tags by using a keyboard extension
  • Your templates and modified zodiac signs are synchronized via iCloud and will be available on every iOS device with HappyDayz! installed
  • You can see a larger version of a person's image by tapping it in the details view
  • Landscape mode is now also supported on the iPhone
  • Person images are displayed round by default. This can be disabled in the settings
  • Use the Skype app to call your contacts. Either by using the entered Skype name or phone number
  • Modified zodiac sign dates can be reset back to the default dates
  • Special birthdays like 40th, etc. are highlighted
  • By using the URL scheme 'happydayz://' you can start it from other apps like 'Launch Center Pro' and Co.

Version 2.7.1

Submitted: September 21, 2012 → App Store: September 22, 2012
  • fixes the iOS 6 'no contacts found' problem

Version 2.7

Submitted: September 14, 2012 → App Store: September 21, 2012
  • iOS 6 compatibility
  • supports the taller display of the iPhone 5
  • you can adjust the dates (from/to) of the zodiac signs
  • displaying duplicates as one entry
  • added an option to use the contacts only from the default address book
  • must change the minimum requirement to iOS 4.3

Version 2.6

Submitted: March 22, 2012 → App Store: March 30, 2012
  • Support for Retina-capable iPads
  • Improved some parts of the iPad user interface
  • Added editable Mail and SMS templates (>= iOS 4)
  • Opens the Mail and SMS dialog in the app (>= iOS 4)
  • When no phone is available (iPad/iPod) and you tap on a phone number, it uses Skype to place the call (must be installed)
  • Fix: Did not update the Badge when the notification time was set to midnight (only iOS 5)

Version 2.5

Submitted: November 23, 2011 → App Store: November 30, 2011
  • iPad: Revised the person details dialog
  • iPad: Reordered the buttons on left side and made them easier to tap
  • iPad: Fixed a layout problem when showing person details with a note
  • iPad: Revised the statistic and setting popovers
  • Added the weekday to the events date (birthday,...) when showing the person details
  • Fixed a possible crash after tapping on a phone number
  • Added '2 weeks' to the 'Days before' notification option
  • The number on the app icon (badge) can be reset by shaking the device, additionally you can press a new button in the notification settings
  • Using the zodiac dates from
  • Added a 'Sign of the Zodiacs' overview page
  • Choose your preferred text and background colors
  • Zodiac signs updated

Version 2.4

Submitted: April 28, 2011 → App Store: Mai 05, 2011
  • Now it is Universal app, that runs natively on your iPhone and iPad
  • Shows some interesting infos in the contact details, like age in months, days, etc.
  • The Local Notification sounds can be disabled
  • The info shown during refreshing the Local Notifications is now more unobstrusive
  • New Local Notification option to show the number of events today and upcoming on the app icon
  • The notification time can be set for each day individually (Local Notifications only)
  • A leap year problem belonging the past events has been fixed
  • Some minor Local Notification improvements and fixes

Version 2.3

Submitted: 09/11/2010 → App Store: 09/21/2010
  • iOS 4: The Local Notifications are used to inform you about your events. The contact name gets displayed in the notification.
  • iOS 3: The Push Notifications are still used to inform you about your events
  • Optimized images for iPhone 4’s retina display
  • The selected details of a contact image gets displayed correctly (Apple fixed the bug with iOS 4.1)
  • Special handling of leap year events
  • New setting to color differentiate birthdays from anniversaries and other dates (dates with custom labels)
  • New setting to highlight special ages (18, 20, 30, 40, ...)
  • Additional statistic info added (Age: Youngest, Average, Oldest)
  • Small gap with a drop shadow before the month headings
  • Some additional unobtrusive animations
  • Some bug fixes and improvements (updating the badge, display fix when „Other“ date was used, ...)

Version 2.2.2

Submitted: 06/27/2010 → App Store: 07/03/2010
  • iOS 4 compatibility
  • Workaround for a bug in iOS 4; distorted/rotated contact images

Version 2.2.1

Submitted: 02/06/2010 → App Store: 02/10/2010
  • The age and/or date was truncated in some countries (fixed)
  • Removed a private API call

Version 2.2

Submitted: 01/28/2010 → App Store: 02/04/2010
  • The settings are now inside the app
  • 16 different notification sounds
  • Graphical selection of the zodiac symbols
  • Display of month headings (optionally)
  • Last name can be highlighted (optionally)
  • Faster iTunes synchronization of HappyDayz! (saving the generated thumbnail images in the correct directory)
  • New app icon
  • New support mail address
  • Small graphical fix when selecting a table row
  • Slightly improved sort icons
  • Displays the nicknames with the correct quotation marks
  • Displays a info row when no contacts could be found
  • Info if a synchronization is necessary or not
  • Small fix in the details view for some addresses

Version 2.1

Submitted: 08/01/2009 → App Store: 09/09/2009
  • Search for contacts by name and nickname
  • New setting to display the contact images in 3 different sizes (normal, large, huge)
  • Highlighting birthdays like 18, 20, 30, 40, ...
  • The number of birthdays on the badge remains now when closing HappyDayz! (can be cleared by shaking the iPhone/iPod touch)
  • New setting to choose your preferred date formatting
  • Synchronization sounds replaced
  • New setting to enable/disable the synchronization sounds
  • New setting to enable/disable the Wi-Fi only synchronization
  • Fixed a bug when using the “Unknown year” option
  • The HappyDayz!-Settings are now splitted to multiple pages for more clarity
  • Crash and Memory Leak fixed

Version 2.0.1

Submitted: 07/11/2009 → App Store: 07/18/2009
  • language dependent push notifications (error fixed; wrong language used)
  • very rarely occurring display problems solved; Thanks to Philipp-Michael Oscity
  • polish translation readded; Thanks to Michał Kastelik

Version 2.0

Submitted: 07/01/2009 → App Store: 07/08/2009
  • Notification of todays and upcoming events (Push Notification; Firmware 3.0)
  • Revised the info page due to the possibility to synchronize notification data
  • Replaced the misleading term “Missing events” by “Past events” (english translation)
  • Table scrolls more softly
  • Discreet animation of the table rows for today events
  • Improved the visual selection and deselection of table rows
  • Using the embedded mail component for sending support mails
  • Fixed a crash when the contacts table was empty and the user clicked on it
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Removed the polish translation
  • Removed the landscape mode (was too annoying)

Version 1.6.2

Submitted: 04/19/2009 → App Store: 04/30/2009
  • norway date formatting problems fixed; Thanks to Odd-Arne Dahle
  • landscape mode introduced; with firmware 3.0 all apps from Apple will support the landscape mode
  • fixed a bug: <Error>: doClip: empty path
  • some internal code improvements

Version 1.6.1

Submitted: 04/03/2009 → App Store: 04/11/2009
  • sort by age fix; Thanks to Adrian Waeber
  • truncated labels fix in the contact details

Version 1.6

Submitted: 03/23/2009 → App Store: 04/01/2009
  • unknown year handling; if you do not know the year of a birthday
  • small layout improvements in the contact details

Version 1.5

Submitted: 02/01/2009 → App Store: 02/05/2009
  • statistic data, can be found in the information page
  • fixes a bug in the contact details; Thanks to Jens Schilling
  • small layout changes
  • text fixes

Version 1.4

Submitted: 12/29/2008 → App Store: 01/04/2009
  • sending text message (SMS)
  • small performance improvement

Version 1.3.3

Submitted: 12/14/2008 → App Store: 12/16/2008
  • fixed a bug when a birthday has been removed from a contact; Thanks to Roman Chevelev
  • german translation fix: „Verpasst“ replaced by „Zurückliegende“; Thanks to Hannes Eggel
  • shiny white background replaced by a discreet pattern
  • replaced the text of the “Sort”-button by a image due to shortage of space (long translations)
  • startup performance improved by removing some xib-files

Version 1.3.2

Submitted: 11/09/2008 → App Store: 11/11/2008
  • minor fixes (french translation, sort by “Name” replaced with sort by “First, Last” and “Last, First”)

Version 1.3.1

Submitted: 11/02/2008 → App Store: 11/07/2008
  • minor fixes (date formatting, french translation, sort algorithm)

Version 1.3

Submitted: 10/25/2008 → App Store: 10/30/2008
  • french translation
  • loads much faster than the previous versions (now using a local cache)
  • immediate display of the images
  • sort by days, age or name
  • display the missed events
  • display astrological signs in 6 different styles
  • minor fixes (italian date format, ...)
  • appearance optimized (displaying weekdays larger, ...)

Version 1.2

Submitted: 09/04/2008 → App Store: 09/11/2008
  • Italian translation added
  • lazy loading of images
  • larger images
  • appearance improved
  • performance increased
  • fixed the homepage url
  • memory leak fixed

Version 1.1

Submitted: 08/17/2008 → App Store: 08/24/2008
  • additional languages: Spanish, Polish
  • progress indicator during start
  • new way to display the age (current / upcoming)
  • new way to display the dates (recorded / upcoming)
  • optionally display the weekday of the upcoming date

Version 1.0

Submitted: 07/18/2008 → App Store: 08/01/2008
  • This was the initial release of HappyDayz!