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Do you often forget the birthdays of friends? Then this is the right app for you! It reads the birthdays, anniversaries and other data from your address book (Contacts app). Once the dates are retrieved, HappyDayz! provides users notifications on today’s and upcoming events. It also displays the person’s images and statistic info as well as the ability to distinguish between nicknames and names.

Screenshot: Birthday App - Happy Days

In addition, HappyDayz! features 6 different styles of astrological signs and can handle leap year events. Users can also organize dates by name, age, or days. It also allows users to search for contacts.
It can notify you about current and upcoming events. With a tap the contact page opens and you can call the person directly or send your birthday wishes via Mail/SMS/WhatsApp.

The prerequisite is of course that this information has been stored in the iPhone's contact data. If this is not the case, missing data can of course be added after the import. The HappyDayz app also completes the entries with the star sign and even indicates the age in days, weeks and months. Additionally a photo can be added to each contact. We really liked the fact that the app reminds us of upcoming birthdays with push messages. So it is not even necessary to start the app to see upcoming birthdays. The sorting of the entries can be arranged according to days, age or name. If you want to congratulate immediately in writing, you can send an SMS, MMS or an email directly from the app.