September 2016: I stopped iOS development and removed all apps from the App Store.

Do you always forget your friends' birthdays? Then this is the right app for you! It reads the birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates from your Contacts app and displays them in a clearly arranged way. It will inform you about today's and upcoming events without starting the app.

With one tap you can open the contact details to call the person or send your birthday wishes by Mail/SMS/WhatsApp.

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  • Universal app that will run on your iPhone and your iPad
  • Notification of today's and upcoming events (message, sound, badge)
  • Today Widget for the Notification Center
  • Select between 16 notification sounds
  • Create text templates for your birthday wishes for use with Mail and SMS/WhatsApp
  • Visually distinguish names and nicknames
  • Display contact images in 3 different sizes (optionally)
  • Display contact images squared or round
  • Display the weekday (optionally)
  • Display the zodiac signs in 6 different styles (optionally)
  • The dates of zodiac signs can be adjusted
  • Display month headings (optionally)
  • Special birthdays like the 40th are highlighted (optionally)
  • Display past events (configurable)
  • Handling of leap year events
  • Statistic info of your contacts
  • Search for contacts
  • Sort by days, age or name
  • Read birthdays (optionally)
  • Read anniversaries (optionally)
  • Read other dates (dates with custom labels) (optionally)
  • and more!