September 2016: I stopped iOS development and removed all apps from the App Store.


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Contact Images


Display the contact images or not.


The contact image gets displayed round by default. Squared when this option is disabled.


Set the display size of the contact images to small, normal or large.



This are the combinations to display the persons name and/or nickname:
- Name Sebastian Klinger
- Nickname Basti
- Name (Nickname) Sebastian Klinger (Basti)
- Nickname (Name) Basti (Sebastian Klinger)


Set the color for drawing the name.

Highlight Last Name

When this option is enabled the last name gets displayed in bold.



Display the persons current or upcoming age. For example my current age is 38 and my upcoming is 39.


Set the color for drawing the age.

Highlight Special

When enabled, special ages like 18, 20, 30, 40, ... are highlighted.


Set the color for drawing the special ages.



There are two options. Display the recorded or the upcoming date. For example my recorded birhday is 06/19/1971 and my upcoming birthday is 06/19/2010.


Set the color for drawing the date.

Date Format

If you do not like the default date formatting on your iOS device, then select the one you prefer.


Set different background colors for anniversaries and the other dates.


Month Headings

Display month headings to group your contacts by month.

Zodiac Sign

Optionally you can display small zodiac signs. There are 6 different styles of images you can use. For example, these are all kind of images for a Cancer.
z1_6 z2_6 z3_6 z4_6 z5_6 z6_6
Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4 Style 5 Style 6

Select Dates

Adjust the data which should be read from your address book (Contacts app).

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Select the contacts with a birthday from the address book or not. This should always be enabled!


Select the contacts with a anniversary from the address book or not.

Other Dates

In the Contacts app, you can add dates with a customizable label to your address book entries. Enable this option to select those.

Only From Default Account

It uses only the contacts from your default account (iOS setting) and ignores for example the Facebook contacts.

Past Events

Choose a value to inform you about past events in the:
- Last 3 days
- Last 7 days
- Last 30 days


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Alert Message

When activated a alert window notifies you about today's events without starting the app.


Select one of 16 different sounds. The selected one gets played when you receive a notification. You can also disable the sounds here.


Select your notification time individually for each day.

Days Before

To notify you additionally about upcoming events, a few days before they occur. Select the number of days or disable it.


When activated, the number of today's events gets displayed on the app icon. You can also choose an option to display the today's and the upcoming events on the app icon.

Zodiac Signs

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Here you can adjust the dates of the zodiac signs. As mentioned in the FAQ this is not a strict science and that's the reason why they are editable. Your changes get synchronized with other devices running HappyDayz! by using iCloud.

Mail and SMS/WhatsApp Templates

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When you congratulate by Mail or SMS/WhatsApp and you use the same texts the most time, it's useful to define templates for it. This templates are used when you send a Mail or SMS/WhatsApp from within HappyDayz!.

Your templates get synchronized with other devices running HappyDayz! by using iCloud.


The following tags can be used in your template:

They must be used as they are with the brackets and can be inserted more easily by tapping them on the keyboard extension.


SMS/WhatsApp Template: "Hello [FIRSTNAME], I wish you a Happy Birthday!"

Now when you send a SMS/WhatsApp to one of your contacts (e.g. to Andy Smith) it replaces the tag [FIRSTNAME] with the first name of the contact (Andy).

Result: "Hello Andy, I wish you a Happy Birthday!"