I „hacked“ this tool to take screenshots of my iPhone and iPad Apps running in the iOS-Simulator. Before that, i took a screenshot (cmd+shift+4) and cropped the application screen with the help of Pixelmator. Especially when you need screenshots in different languages this takes a lot of time (version by version of your App).

Another point to mention, you should upload screenhots in iTunes Connect (App Store) without the status bar on top! None of your potential customers is interested in the provider you are using, what time you have taken the screenshots, or how your battery level was.


It’s very easy to use. Just start your App in the iOS-Simulator and press the „Take Simulator Screenshot“-button. Hint: The iOS-Simulator and the iOS-Simulator Cropper must be running on the same Space. Additionally you can drag&drop screenshots to the small drop zone.

iOS-Simulator Cropper Screenshot

iPhone Screenshots

iOS-Simulator Screenshot Device from teehan+lax iTunes Connect / App Store
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iPad Screenshots

iOS-Simulator Screenshot iTunes Connect / App Store
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Apple Marketing Device
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Command Line

You can also start the iOS-Simulator Cropper from command line. This can be useful to automate "screenshooting". Here is a thread about it at Stack Overflow.

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Wrong size (width and height) ... error message

Your screen resolution is not high enough to show the full simulator window. For taking iPad screenshots, you need a Mac with 1900x1200 pixels or better. The simulator window must be visible without any decorations like scrollbar, titlebar, … otherwise it's not possible to take a screenshot. Also the „Window“ -> „Size/Scale“ option must be set to 100%. This is how the iPad-Simulator looks on my 24“ iMac (no decoration!).

Tip from Peter Bridge when using a large external display: Set the primary display of your Mac to the external display. Now the simulator window opens without the title bar and taking screenshots is no problem.

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