September 2016: I stopped iOS development and removed all apps from the App Store.

Browser Bookmarklets

Not all services provide an API or I'm just unwilling to add a rather unknown service natively. ;-) As a last resort you can use its browser bookmarklet in Mr. Reader. Usually you will find the bookmarklet of an service on its website.


This is a list of bookmarklets that can be added to the sharing menu right from Mr. Reader.

  • Evernote Web Clipper
  • Gimme +
  • Pin It (Pinterest)
  • Springpad Clipper

How? Open the Mr. Reader Settings, tap on 'Services', scroll to the bottom and tap on add 'Bookmarklet'. Now select the bookmarklet and tap the 'Add' button. You are done!

Manually adding a bookmarklet to the sharing menu

Open the Mr. Reader Settings, tap on 'Services', scroll to the bottom and tap on add 'Bookmarklet'. Select 'Add Other Bookmarklet' and enter the required data. Here is a description of the input fields:

NameGets used as title in the sharing menu.
JavaScriptThe value as it is from the address field of the Safari bookmark (see below for more infos). It must have the 'javascript:' prefix.
Sharing Menu VisibitlityBookmarklets work only in the article view and usually only when the original web page is in display. If you know that it will work also in the RSS and the mobilizer views then disable this option.

Bookmarklet from Safari

Please add and test them in Safari beforehand. If it is running fine in Safari, then you can copy it from the bookmark address field (see screenshot) and paste it to the JavaScript field in Mr. Reader.

Safari Edit Bookmark Address Field