September 2016: I stopped iOS development and removed all apps from the App Store.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Please read these if you are having problems. If reading the questions do not help and you are still having problems, please contact the Support.

FAQ : Top

I know Mr. Reader is iPad only. Do you have plans for making an iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android, Mac, Windows, Blackberry, etc. app of Mr. Reader?
No. Please, please save your and my time requesting it. Thank you very much!
How can I add an additional sync service account and switch between them?
Zoom Image Tap the account title (top left side) of the currently logged in user to open the accounts switching & management dialog.

Press the "+" button in this dialog to add an additional account.

Which RSS sync services are supported?
It loses all settings/themes when adding an additional account? Is this a bug?
No. I agree that it is annoying when you just switched to one of the supported alternatives and you must customize it again. Long time ago, I've added multiple accounts support for people sharing their iPad and for people using an work and an private account. For those people the settings must be separated.
Why does my used theme look strange after the update to Mr. Reader v3.0?
The themes created by previous versions are not 100% compatible with Mr. Reader v3.0. Please use one of the included themes, download one created for Mr. Reader v3 or update it by yourself if possible.

FAQ : Sharing Menu

You mentioned that the service 'xyz' (Instapaper, Twitter, Evernote, etc.) is supported, but it is not available in the sharing menu. How can I add it?
Zoom Image Mr. Reader supports many services and it does not make sense to show them all in the sharing menu by default. This is how you can add and resort them:
  • Open the Mr. Reader settings and tap on "Services".
  • On top are your currently used services (shown in the sharing menu), and at bottom the unused services (not shown in the sharing menu).
  • Now use drag and drop - on the handle with the 3 lines (right side) - to move your services from the bottom list to the list at top.
You can also use drag and drop to resort the services in the sharing menu.
Could you please add my beloved Browser 'xyz' (Google Chrome, Diigo Browser, Puffin, Terra, etc.) to the sharing menu?
If you know the URL scheme to open it, then you should be able to add it by yourself (or ask me). The included examples, some more installable examples and the documentation can be found here: 3rd Party Browsers.
Could you please add the app 'xyz' (Blogsy, Poster, Catch, Appigo's TODO, etc.) to the sharing menu?
When the app can be opened by an URL scheme, then you should be able to add it by yourself (or ask me). The included examples, some more installable examples and the documentation can be found here: 3rd Party Apps.
Can you add the service 'xyz' to the sharing menu?
Please be sure that this service is not already supported: Open the Mr. Reader "Settings" and tap on "Services".

Some more installable services can be found here: 3rd Party Browsers and 3rd Party Apps.

If it is really not supported, then please send me an mail and I'll see what I can do.
Can you add services like Springpad with a Mail integration to the sharing menu?
Yes, please have a look at the Custom Mail Actions documentation.
Problem creating a markdown formatted link in a URL scheme template?
I've added an tip to the end of the 3rd Party Apps documentation.
Is it possible to use Browser bookmarklets?
Yes, please have a look at the Bookmarklets documentation. But please use them only as a last resort.

FAQ : General

Can you add a way to display the 'alt' text of comic images?
You can see the 'alt' text by tapping the image with two fingers or by using tap&hold and selecting 'Zoom Image'. Afterwards you can also close the 'Zoom Image' window with a single two fingers tap.
What does the lock icon that appears in the article view at the top mean?
When you press this lock icon, it will set the current view (RSS, Web, Instapaper, Readability, Pocket) as your preferred view for this feed. When you now open an article from this feed the next time, it will open it automatically with this preferred view.
How can I remove the Readability & Pocket tabs from the article view? I'd like to only have RSS, Web & Instapaper?
In my opinion it is not necessary. You can use all of this mobilizer without having an account. The Instapaper mobilizer does not provide the best results for all feeds. In such a case you can use the Readability and Pocket mobilizer as an alternative.
How do I use the Thumbpad in the article viewer?
Move your thumb from the iPad case (left or right side) inside the screen to activate it. It's best used when reading the content in a relaxed position.
Can I change the Thumbpad buttons arrangement? I want the Thumbpads close button to be in the mid.
Yes, please open the 'Article View' settings to change the Thumbpad button arrangement.
What is the difference between setting the preferred article view manually or to last used?
"Last Used": It remembers for each feed your current chosen article view (RSS, Web, Instapaper, Readability, Pocket) automatically, and uses it the next time you read an article of that feed.

"Set Manually": You have to press the lock icon besides the Pocket button to set the current view (RSS, Web, Instapaper, Readability, Pocket) as your preferred one. The lock icon gets displayed only when the current view is not your preferred view.
Can I view the article content in full screen?
Yes, enable the full screen mode in the 'Article View' settings.
Can I mark items as read that are older than 2 days?
Yes, tap and hold the 'Mark all as read'-button and select your desired option.
Can I mark items as read that are above the current reading position?
Yes, tap and hold the 'read/unread'-button (blue circle) and select the desired option.
How to close the article view?
You can close the article view by tapping the "X"-button. When you are not in full screen mode, you can close it by tapping outside the article view. Additionally you can use a pinch gesture (move two fingers towards) to close it. Version 1.5 introduced a Thumbpad, this contains also a close button.
How to rename a Folder, Feed or Tag?
To open the menu with the renaming functionality, use tap and hold on the item to rename.
How to delete a Folder, Feed or Tag?
Open the management menu by using tap and hold on the item to delete. Now tap on 'Delete'.
Can I jump from an article in the table to it's feed?
Yes, tap and hold the articles row and select the action from the menu.
How to subscribe to a feed?
Tap the "+"-button on top left side and enter the feed url directly or enter a search phrase.
Can I cancel the offline image download?
Yes, tap and hold the sync button and select cancel.
Can I delete all downloaded images for offline reading?
Mr. Reader deletes the downloaded images automatically when the offline image options no longer apply. For example when you downloaded images for unread items and you marked all as read. You can delete them also manually by using tap and hold on the settings button and selecting the appropriate action.
How to create a new folder?
You can create a new folder when you assign a feed to a folder. Tap and hold the feed you want to assign to a folder, select "Move" from the menu and tap the "+"-button in the dialog to create a new folder.
How to create a new tag?
You can create a new tag when you assign tags to a feed item. In the tagging dialog, tap the "+"-button to create a new tag. Please keep in mind, that articles tagging is not supported by all services.

FAQ : Aol Reader

Invalid response error during synchronization?
In case the mentioned URL ends with '.../reader/settings'. Please open the Aol Reader website in a browser, open the Aol Reader settings and change an option like the 'Theme' from 'Dark' to 'Light' (it doesn't matter which one). Now the synchronization in Mr. Reader will work.

FAQ : Feedly

The sort order of categories is different and how to reorder them?
Both are not supported by the Feedly API at the moment. I will add this functionality when it is available in their API.
There is no tagging?
It can be enabled in the Synchronization settings. I've disabled it by default, because the synchronization cannot be done optimal at the moment. I'm working with Feedly to improve it. Please enable it only when you have less than 10 tags, otherwise the sync is getting slow.
It crashes during the synchronization with Feedly?
This must be fixed by Feedly (I'm in contact). Temporary Workaround: Open the Feedly website and mark all articles as read once. Afterwards the crash will no longer occur until you get new articles of some problematic feeds.

FAQ : Feed Wrangler

How to create a new Smart Stream?
Tap and hold the "+" button to add feeds (top left side).
On login I get the message "subscription expired". Can you help?
This error message is from Feed Wrangler. Please contact the Feed Wrangler support to fix your account. Thanks!

FAQ : Fever

You updated to Fever v1.32 (2014/01/16) and mark as read does no longer work?
  • Tap on your username (top left beside the "+" button) to open the accounts management dialog
  • Edit your Fever account
  • Just tap on "Login"
  • Now try it again
There is no feed and folder management functionality?
The Fever API does not currently allow you to manage feeds and folders (adding new feeds, renaming folders, moving feeds into folders, Subscription Checker, etc.). Unfortunately I was unable to make contact with the developer (he’s working on other projects). If you want feed and folder management support please contact the developer and ask him to update the Fever API. I will add this functionality to Mr. Reader as soon as it is available in the API.
How to start a server refresh from Mr. Reader?
Please set up a cron job to refresh feeds or something similar, otherwise it is possible that you will miss articles. But you are able to start a refresh from Mr. Reader: Tap and hold the Sync button (bottom left side) and select "Refresh Fever Server".
Why does it not synchronize with the Fever plugin for Tiny Tiny RSS?
Please be sure that you use an up-to-date version of the plugin:

FAQ : Errors & Problems

It crashes?
First reboot your iPad and try it again (maybe reinstall it). If it still crashes, then please contact me and provide the following infos:
  • Which iPad do you use?
  • Which Mr. Reader version do you use?
  • Which iOS Version do you use?
  • Which RSS sync service do you use?
  • Are you able to reproduce the crash? How?
  • Is your iPad jailbroken? Does it also crash when you disable all of your installed tweaks/hacks?
  • Send me the latest crash report of Mr. Reader. This can be found in iOS Settings -> Privacy -> Diagnostic & Usage -> Diagnostic & Usage Data. (You must use copy&paste to send it to me by mail)
Do you see the 'Database Upgrade' dialog on every start?
At first I thought that this problem happens only when the 'hard drive' of your iPad is full. But that's not true. I've got the strong suspicion that the used database (SQLite) tries to create some files in the tmp-folder of Mr. Reader (gets created by iOS) while doing the migration and fails (tmp-folder does not exist or no access rights).

Sorry, but the only way to get it back running is to delete and re-install it.
No Favicons?
Tap and hold the settings button and select "Reload Favicons".

FAQ : Theme Editor

The Theme Editor is well hidden, where can I find it?
Please have a look at the Theme Editor instructions page.
Why is the Theme Editor web based and not inside the app?
Good question, and it was my first idea to have it inside the app. But there are some reasons why it is not done in this way:

1. when you have created new icons - for example in Photoshop - and you wan't to see how they look like in Mr. Reader. It's much easier to drag those images to the upload field on the theme editor web page and see them immediately in Mr. Reader.

2. the dialog to modify the colors will always be in the way and overlap that part I want to change. It's much faster to do it on the theme editor web page and to see every adjustment in the color chooser in "real time" on the iPad.

3. When you use the same colors at different places, it's still more comfortable to use copy&paste on a Mac or PC than on the iPad. Also you have a much better overview about your theme adjustments on the larger screen.
Why did you create this Theme Editor instead of adding my most missing feature?
I always received support mails/tweets to add a new theme or to adjust some of the colors in theme 'xyz'.

It took me about 1 month to create those 4 existing themes in code. Creating the Theme Editor only one week, and now a new theme can be created in seconds, minutes or hours (for example when you create new icons).

This saves me a lot of time (support & creating a additional theme), and now I can invest it in implementing your feature request. I hope you understand my decision. Thanks!