September 2016: I stopped iOS development and removed all apps from the App Store.

Mr. Reader is a powerful RSS News Reader for your iPad that synchronizes with popular services. Due to the large article preview and image thumbnails, it is easy to read only the articles you are interested in. Manage your subscriptions directly in the app and share articles with multiple services. Please see below for a list of features.

Multiple Syncing Options

You can add multiple accounts each with separate settings. Automatic background synchronization can be enabled in the Synchronization settings (disabled by default).

Supported Sharing Services

You can re-order the services menu and enable only the services you use.

Open with Browser

Every browser app that can be opened via an URL scheme can be integrated. The following browser actions are included:

  • Safari
  • Apollo Browser
  • Atomic Web
  • Coast by Opera
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Grazing
  • iCab Mobile
  • Maven Web Browser+
  • Mercury
  • Opera Mini
  • Sleipnir

More infos: Documentation

Open in 3rd Party App

Every app that provides an URL scheme can be integrated. The following app actions are included:

  • Articles
  • Blogsy
  • Drafts
  • HootSuite
  • OmniFocus
  • Papers
  • Poster
  • Search Google
  • Search Wikipedia
  • Terminology
  • Things

More infos: Documentation

Mail Actions

Services like Springpad with a Mail interface can be integrated.

More infos: Documentation

JavaScript Actions

The JavaScript actions are for power users to write and execute scripts written in JavaScript.

More infos: Documentation


  • 4 themes included
  • Theme Editor to create your own themes
  • Download more themes from the Themes page
  • Send your created themes to other Mr. Reader users by Mail
  • Received themes can be installed directly from the Mail app

Folders and Feeds

View Modes:

  • Show all folders and feeds
  • Show only folders and feeds with unread items

Mark As Read

There are different ways to mark items as read:

  • Single items
  • All items
  • Items older than n-days/weeks (tap and hold the 'Mark All As Read' button)
  • Items above/below the current position (tap and hold the blue dot button)
  • While scrolling
  • Pull up at table end to mark all feed items as read


Search for articles with the option to save searches. It is a simple search on your local data. You can use the boolean operators AND / OR / NOT and brackets (blog post).

Add Feeds *

You can subscribe to feeds by using the feed URL directly or by searching for feeds.

Feed Management *

  • Subscribe to feeds
  • Rename feeds
  • Delete/unsubscribe feeds
  • Assign feeds to folders
  • Open the feed homepage in one of your installed browsers
  • 'Subscriptions Checker' to check if the feed URL's are still up to date

Ordering *

You can change the sort order of your folders, feeds and tags.


You will find the settings - with a lot of options - inside the app. I tried to split and describe the settings as clearly as possible. If you have to think twice, then something is wrong. Please contact me. ;-)

Browser Bookmarklets

The following are included as examples:
  • Evernote Web Clipper
  • Gimme +
  • Pin It (Pinterest)
  • Springpad Clipper

More infos: Documentation

Articles Table

  • Group items by feed or list them chronological
  • Change the sort order (ascending / descending)
  • Customizable: thumbnail size, thumbnails left/right, row height, font size, multiline titles
  • Downloads thumbnails of embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Jump to the feed of an article
  • Load more articles on request *

There are many settings like showing the absolute or relative published time, dim read items, etc.

Article View

  • Switch with one tap between RSS, Web, and the Instapaper, Readability, Pocket Mobilizer
  • Set your preferred view mode (RSS, Web, Instapaper, ...) for each feed individually
  • Thumbpad to navigate between articles and to close the viewer
  • Pull up/down to navigate to the previous / next articles
  • Move the actions toolbar to the left, right or bottom
  • Change the font size and family
  • Change the content width
  • Display the content left/right aligned or justified
  • Zoom images to full screen or save them in the camera roll

Folder Management *

  • Create folders
  • Delete folders
  • Rename folders

Tag Management *

  • Create tags
  • Rename tags
  • Delete tags
  • Assign tags to feed items

Offline Reading

Download and cache images for offline reading. When the download is not finished and you leave the app, it tries to finish the download. Due to a restriction of iOS 7 the max time an app can do something in background is 3 minutes (before iOS 7 it was 10 minutes).

Attention: Currently only for the original RSS content and not for the Web and Mobilizer views.


Select different sounds for the most important actions. Disable all or just some of them when they are annoying you.

* Only available when the API of your used syncing service supports it.