September 2016: I stopped iOS development and removed all apps from the App Store.

As you may know, with SENDtoREADER you can send web pages to your Kindle to read later. This is an extension for the iOS Share Sheet. It can be used from all Apps (not only from Safari) using the iOS Share Sheet and provide a web page URL.



  1. Please be sure that you have your SENDtoREADER account up and running
  2. Open the App and log in to your SENDtoREADER account
  3. Use the extension from the iOS Share Sheet (e.g. from Safari)
  4. SENDtoREADER prepares the web page and sends it to your Kindle

=> Enjoy reading web articles on your Kindle


  • Universal App that runs on your iPhone and iPad
  • I tried to keep it as simple as possible
  • 1Password can be used to fill the log in credentials
  • Uses HTTPS while communicating with the SENDtoREADER server
  • Your password is stored securely in the iOS Keychain